After Nero Past Event

Presented by 4C aka Cristina Popovici, Manuel Canestrini, Valentin Tinc and Colin Whitehead
Abstract expressionist artist
Cristina Popovici
Photo by Teodora Tinc Photography
Manuel Canestrini
Artist and Designer
Valentin Tinc
Photo by Teodora Tinc Photography
Colin Whitehead

After Nero is an immersive installation integrating architectural elements, paintings, furniture and sculptures that were involved with fire during the design process, or allude to the idea of fire.

Fire is the generator of life that shaped cultures and civilisation as we know it today. It also is the destructive force burning down ancient Rome and hence civilisation but also nature itself. It is the symbol of disorder and chaos. But fire can also be a means for regeneration and rebirth.  The viewer is invited to engage critically with the work of Cristina Popovici, Manuel Canestrini, Valentin Tinc and Colin Whitehead in order to imagine a better world of tomorrow for themselves.

Cristina Popovici

Cristina Popovici is an abstract expressionist artist with classical training in fine arts. Her training allowed her to incorporate fundamental European aspects into her practice that not only gave her full self-expression but also helped guide her through artistic decision-making when exploring abstract expressionism. She has produced a large body of artworks throughout her career, exploring different supports such as traditional canvas, Perspex, PVC, fiberglass, and metal stencils, and different paints ranging from industrial paint, glass paint, ink, plaster, acrylic, spray paints and oils. These materials are tools for her to express her vocabulary of techniques that she has accumulated over the years. She does not sketch new works prior to making them, instead, there is a process of internalization where energy and emotion grows and builds until it bursts through her gestures and transposes on the canvas. She always says that there is no separation between body, mind, and spirit, in the sense that the body is like a vessel for the energy to express itself. Therefore where she gets inspired from is not as relevant as how she processes the inspiration.

Manuel Canestrini

Manuel is an architect by trade and industrial designer by heart. He founded and launched Melbourne based FORMACY in 2018 offering interior and product design. Born and raised in Germany his designs are influenced by German Bauhaus aesthetics as well as efficient production methods. Calling Australia home since 2006 he gathered experience in diverse creative disciplines all over the country.

He is constantly striving to marry practicability and innovation with beauty and aesthetics in the objects he creates. For him design means the creation of something new and exciting, something useful that also pleases the eye.

Valentin Tinc

Tinc has the privilege to be born in a historical place with a rich tradition in craft and arts: Transylvania. He developed from the early stages a passion for art and design which he pursued until the present day. After graduating from the  Academy of  Decorative Arts and Design department, he had a rich agenda of art and design exhibitions in Romania, Germany, New Zealand, Australia. His interest lies at the boundary of art and design, in the exploration of organic shapes, language, patterns, surrealism.

He dives into traditional as well as unconventional techniques of carving, burning, and sculpting as a vehicle to explore the human condition, to reflect on ephemeral existence, to express his belief in beauty. His sculptures are an invitation to the viewer to join in a journey beyond seen material into the realm of uncanny possibility.

He draws his inspiration from African Art, Maya, and Inca stone carvings, modern 20th-century sculptors, and most of all, primitive artifacts and timber structures from Maramures, his homeland.

Colin Whitehead

Colin Whitehead is a qualified furniture and interior designer who is also the creative force behind his company Special Things Furniture specialising in custom made furniture for almost two decades now.

His exceptional abilities saw him win several accolades for the most outstanding in his trade of chair and couch making and also craftsmanship.

Quality with a balance of innovative design, technology and function is the philosophy behind a variety of beautiful items aiming to enhance our everyday living.

Colin’s mission is to elevate our awareness of design innovation for their living environment and thereby enhancing our lifestyle. He is committed to creating furniture which people will cherish for a lifetime.

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