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Presented by Gemma Savio & Chloé Roubert
A grass lawn
The lawn provides a platform for shared experiences and community

Once emblematic of suburbia, individualism and monocultures, in the context of Australian cities, the lawn is having a renaissance. Throughout the pandemic in Melbourne, like many other cities, the delineation between footpath and grass became the signal for a shift in social dynamic – providing a platform for shared experiences and community. Content Content uses this emergent landscape for cultural and social exchange as a platform from which to develop a vision for collective contentment.

Content Content is an installation that fosters conversation about public space and well-being. The event takes place over three days on the lawns of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria’s Melbourne Gardens. The project facilitators, Gemma Savio and Chloé Roubert invite the audience to become caretakers of the space, and one-another through discussions around the Melbourne Design Week themes of care, community and climate.

Gemma Savio

Gemma Savio is a prominent voice in Australian architecture and design. Her practice encompasses architectural design, publishing, research and teaching. She is an advocate for architecture as a valuable social and political apparatus and an important historical record. Gemma has worked on the editorial teams of Architecture Australia, Artichoke and Vault magazines and was the Editor of Houses magazine. She has also contributed to the industry through work with the Australian Institute of Architects and was recently a juror for the Adrian Ashton Prize for Architectural Culture and Literature.

Chloé Roubert

Chloé is an anthropologist interested in how humans make meaning and organize the world around them. She has led ethnographic research, facilitated conversations and developed platforms to create more purposeful systems and practices internationally and across many disciplines and industries. As part of Sonder Collective, a design co-operative that works on global health and sustainability projects, Chloé works with civil servants in the DRCongo on the future of their health care system. In addition to her work in applied contexts, she has an artistic practice that uses similar models to investigate and challenge the structures that sustain our modern condition. 

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Fri 26 Mar 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sat 27 Mar 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sun 28 Mar 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria - Melbourne Gardens, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia