Designing our future using the ‘waste’ of the past Past Event

Presented by Sustainability Victoria
Food waste

Victorians are responsible for about one-quarter of Australia’s food waste – that’s 2.4 million tonnes of food each year that doesn’t end up on our plates. While some food waste is unavoidable, much of it is not. Food waste costs us a lot of money – about $6 billion each year. It is also a big contributor to climate change and wasted water.

This dynamic and interactive event will explore how designers can help fight food waste through intervention, collaboration and creative exploration of waste, supply chains, manufacturing, and materials.

Join Matt Wicking, facilitator from Cloud Catcher leading conversations with local food-focused designers and innovators to discuss how to bring Australia’s zero-waste future into the present and inspire others to eliminate food waste through design.

Key speakers include Vanessa Murillo, Co-Founder of I Am Grounded, Jordy & Julia Kay, CEO and Co-Founders of Great Wrap, Kate Dundas, Director of Strategic Foresight and Research, Sustainability Victoria.

Explore our pre-show exhibition to uncover designs leading the charge towards our zero-waste future and meet the designers behind these innovations.

You will leave empowered to take your first steps on The Path to Half into the decade that halves Victoria’s food waste by 2030.

Matt Wicking

An experienced facilitator, host and speaker, Matt works with progressive groups, helping them amplify their impact. A recent feature, ’12 Australian Thinkers You Should Know About’, described his work: “As a musician, writer, presenter and facilitator his gift is making complex ideas simple and beautiful. Matt currently works as freelance MC and facilitator with Cloud Catcher and singer with Melbourne band, The General Assembly.

Vanessa Murillo

Vanessa Murillo is co-founder of I Am Grounded, a better-for-you snack company based in Brisbane that harnesses the power of upcycling the natural by-product of the coffee cherry, to contribute positive environmental and social change in coffee producing and coffee drinking communities. Migrating from Colombia, Vanessa grew up in a family of food & coffee entrepreneurs and is passionate about building business for purpose, people and the planet.

Jordy & Julia Kay

For the past 12 years, Julia and Jordy Kay have made wines and designed buildings around the world in their respective careers. They found themselves living through what is one of the most divisive, destructive and exciting periods in history, with the technology and science to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. This is what led them to start Great Wrap.

Kate Dundas

Kate is a creative leader, designer and strategist who is passionate about bringing diverse groups of people together to make sense of complex problems. Experience across the public and private sectors in strategic planning, sustainability, urban design and business development allows her to draw upon a mix of tools, methods and networks to deliver results.

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Tue 30 Mar 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Deakin Edge, Federation Square
Deakin Edge, Fed Square, Swanston St &, Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia