Extending The Captiol Past Event

Presented by Leanne Zilka, Caitlyn Parry, Erica Bollweg, Ava Clifforth, Muhammad Shaukat Ali

Creating a digital interpretation of the complex geometries in the main theatre of the Capitol – RMIT, this contribution to Melbourne Design Week explores the repetition of elements that produce the other-worldly, exquisite and intricate interior. We know that the Griffiths developed this interior using analogue tools and hand craftmanship, yet we are only now able to digitally explore this level of intricateness and build it using advanced fabrication tools. With this increased capacity this animation tells a story about where the interiors may have come from and where they can lead us.

Using a range of advanced modelling and animation software this animation is a visual feast, exploring the existing geometries of the Capitol interior, imagining what influenced the form and then proposing how they could be re-visualised today. The animation begins with a primitive crystalline model that morphs into the complex geometries and then departs into even more intricate forms that are visualized as in the space. This allows us to draw a line from the natural forms that inspired the Griffiths to the current geometry we see today and then pointing to a future possibilities. The team involves RMIT academics and students who worked to develop a custom animation for the public.

This is an RMIT University based research project from the school of Architecture and Urban Design.


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