Form From: Alternative Materials from Fungi/Algae/Dirt Past Event

Presented by Studio Flek + Other Matter + Grounded Practice

Form From revolves around the use of alternative materials. In this iteration, designers produce various works made by, or with fungi, algae and dirt. Studio Flek, who also curated this exhibition, present a series of low stools made from a beer waste and mycelium composite (sponsored by Balter Brewing company and Gold Coast City Council). The exhibition displays the final stool designs alongside various manufacturing processes in order to evoke discussion and consideration into how the objects are made. Two other designers, Jessie French (Other Matter) and Geneveive Quinn (Grounded Practice) will also exhibit their works invoked by a collaboration with algae and dirt.

Studio Flek

Gold Coast based design practice comprised of partners Lisa Kajewski and Chris Miller. Our work reflects on the process of aging, romanticising materials whilst also being sensitive to the environment. Currently exploring the vast and captivating world of fungi through the development of alternative materials.

Other Matter

Other Matter is an experimental studio working with algae-based bioplastics founded by Jessie French. Through the design of materials, objects, experiences and futures, we invite others to engage with the possibilities of a post-petrochemical world.

Jessie French is an artist and experimental designer, working with bioplastics. Her practice explores consumption, symbiosis, ecology, science and technology in the context of human experience amidst human-driven environmental crisis. She is interested in engaging with environmentally vital issues and experimental artistic projects refracted through the lens of science.

Based in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga), Australia, Jessie’s work explores speculative futures through algae-based bioplastic and ocean ecologies. Housed within an ethos of consumption, sustainability and regeneration, her work invites others to engage with the possibilities of a post-petrochemical world. Through experimenting with other materials, she explores the potential for closed-loop systems of (re)use and conscious consumption and interaction with objects.

Genevieve Quinn

Genevieve Quinn is Grounded Practice, which aims to subvert typical architectural processes through an examination of materiality, temporality and process. Beginning as a form of respite from the fast paced and hasty lifestyle of an architecture graduate, Grounded Practice is a slow-moving creative practice that focusses on natural materials, particularly earth.

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