LCI Re-Connected Past Event

Presented by LCI Melbourne

LCI Melbourne hosts six experimental design laboratories that investigate how creativity can foster meaningful connections. Join us to explore, collaborate and share your creativity and skills.

Come along to our Salvage Design Swap Meet to collect materials, connect with creatives and replenish your art and design supplies. You will then have the opportunity to select three of the six immersive laboratories to attend. Don’t forget to explore the creative attractions on offer across our Collingwood campus throughout the day.

Ways to Wear Workshop
Presented by Rebecca Gully
Ways to Wear is an experimental design and performance workshop, giving pre-loved clothes and scrap fabrics a new life to inspire original garments. Working in teams, create interesting shapes and forms by cutting, layering and transferring to different parts of the body; inside out, upside down, twisted, layered or torn!
This workshop is all about salvage, re-use, innovation, collaboration and inspiration.

Scavenge & Salvage Workshop
Presented by Amy Graham & Michelle Mantsio
Experiment with the materiality of scavenged things. This workshop will teach you to find new ways of viewing the natural beauty of objects otherwise unnoticed. Using plastics, old clothes, fabric scraps, packaging and any other scavenged materials, we find new purpose for what would normally be thrown away.
Anything considered unwanted can be woven and threaded into something new. It is an intuitive process and the materials used will help guide the end result. We all have relationships with things and the places they came from, this emotional connection is what we hope to evoke in the end result.

Tech Petz Workshop
Presented by Donna O’Neill & Sam Bryant 
Discover creative uses for those forgotten and discarded objects that are destined for hard rubbish. Find new uses for computers, printers, clocks, sewing machines, typewriters, in fact, anything that can be pulled apart.
Construct a Tech Pet of your own design and be proud that your creativity has helped reduce landfill. All materials are provided.

Grow to Give Workshop
Presented by Magda Czapiewska & Gee Ward
Whether you are a master propagator or just want to add some greenery to your space, this workshop is for you! Share plant clippings, create living art and grow to give in this multi-sensory workshop! Participants will explore the endless possibilities of recycled paper to make and decorate a biodegradable seedling pot to house plant clippings from LCI Melbourne’s green wall.

Bio Design Workshop
Presented by Michael Peck & Todd Heggie
In this workshop, LCI Melbourne’s Creative Director, Michael Peck and Fashion Academic, Todd Heggie, will teach you how to make bio clothing and products from vegan materials including leather grown from kombucha scoby.
Get experimental and learn to make a use sustainable and flexible biomaterials. learn the process of making material from the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) and Craft your ‘leather’ into a masterpiece during the workshop or save it for later to create clothing, accessories and other creative objects.

Creative Constructed Type Workshop
Presented by Barry Spencer
Adapt, modify and reinterpret your expectations and ideas of letter shapes! In this practical workshop, participants will construct letterforms using a range of scavenged and salvaged materials. Experiment with wood and cardboard to overcome a series of basic challenges, set to test your perception and understanding of letterform.
Stray from the ordinary and play with moving or fixed elements to create dynamic letterforms.


Rebecca Gully, Fashion Designer

Amy Graham & Michelle Mantsio, Visual Artists

Donna O'Neill & Sam Bryant, Artist & Designer

Magda Czapiewska & Gee Ward, Interior Architect and Artist

Michael Peck & Todd Heggie, Artist & Fashion Designer

Barry Spencer, Type & Graphic Designer

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On arrival all participants will be able to select three workshops to attend during the day


Sat 27 Mar 11:30 am - 5:30 pm
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LCI Melbourne
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