Printed Tectonics Past Event

Presented by RMIT Architecture | Tectonic Formation Lab

‘Printed Tectonics’ is an exhibition exploring the positive environmental impact of building-scale 3D printing and its implications for architectural design. The projects speculate on the architectural applications of 3D printed recycled and biodegradable materials and minimising waste through metal additive manufacturing. Presented by the RMIT Architecture | Tectonic Formation Lab, this exhibition showcases robotically fabricated prototypes that explore the potential of architectural form, structure, ornament and tectonics through design. This research considers the lifecycle of material, waste and industrial supply chains in an attempt to demonstrate a disruptive approach to construction and architectural design. 

The prototypes are designed through algorithmic generative processes that create intricate geometry and necessitate experimental fabrication approaches. A series of robotic 3D printing techniques are demonstrated including printing in metal, timber, and recycled plastics. These prototypes explore experimental strategies, such as growing architecture through the interaction of 3D printed skins and mycelium. 

The exhibition will take place at the RMIT Design Archives Window Gallery. This small exhibition will display several prototypes in conjunction with a video that provides an insight into the robotic production of the work and its context within a lineage of experimental prototypes. The work is viewed from the street and the RMIT Design Hub forecourt. The exhibition runs from April 1st to April 15th. 

RMIT Architecture | Tectonic Formation Lab

RMIT Architecture | Tectonic Formation Lab explores the algorithmic design and robotic fabrication of experimental tectonics. This speculative architectural research lab, directed by Roland Snooks, operates through design and the creation of prototypes and installations.  

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Thu 01 Apr 5:00 pm
Open viewing
Fri 02 Apr
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Sat 03 Apr
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Sun 04 Apr
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Mon 05 Apr
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RMIT Design Archives Window Gallery - 154 Victoria St, Carlton.
RMIT Design Hub, Building 100, Victoria St, Carlton VIC 3000, Australia


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