Re-imagining Fashion Workshop: towards sustainable fashion futures. Past Event

Presented by Nat Stratos, Design Practitioner & Facilitator | Martina Ponzoni, 3D Designer | Lena Merrin, 3D Pattern Maker | Ben Kaminsky, Textile Recyclers Australia | Alison Jose, Circular Centre | Sophorn’s Fashion & Sample Making
Re-imagining Fashion: towards Sustainable Fashion Futures
3D Designed Zero Waste Organic Cotton Tote Bag
Designed by Martina Ponzoni, Graphic by Martina Ponzoni &Nat Stratos
Intervention Detail
Designed by Lena Merrin and Nat Stratos
Yardage Print on Organic Panama Cotton
Neo3DT Intervention Yardage & Label
Designed by Nat Stratos
Fashion Glitch
Designed by Martina Ponzoni, 3D Robe
Textile Recyclers Australia
Photo by Nat Stratos

How might we use 3D, circular design and co-design towards sustainable fashion futures?

The workshop reveals how a team of transdisciplinary designers use cutting-edge 3D software, circular design, and co-design to design zero waste artefacts. Our current socio-technical fashion systems and processes prioritise design over sustainable practices, sending waste to landfill, using non-biodegradable materials, and practices that violate human rights. Through the co-design of artefacts, the transdisciplinary designers share the opportunities and challenges of using circular design, 3D visualisation technology, smart materials zero waste patterning, localised manufacturing, and closed-loop afterlife programs.

In collaboration with workshop participants, the team of designers and stakeholders will combine human-centered design with smart technology to tackle fashion’s social, ecological, economic, and cultural challenges head-on. They will share insights into designing ‘products of service’, creating circular waste streams, and reutilising and repurposing resources to create interventions towards a circular economy, systems-level change, and sustainable fashion futures. You will hear short presentations on design, development, marketing, manufacturing, and circular waste programs, and streams and be able to contribute your ideas and explore ‘new ways of designing’ to re-localise design, bring stakeholders together, and reduce waste.

This participatory workshop is an open forum for brainstorming solutions towards sustainable fashion future and is aimed at design students, designers, start-ups, corporate fashion/textile businesses, government agencies, and anyone interested in sustainability, co-design, circular design, and 3D technologies. Participants will receive a 3D Designed Zero-Waste Organic Cotton Tote Bag with The Original Fabric Comb and a repair kit that includes a Gütermann creativ RPET thread, a button and a sewing needle.

The transdisciplinary designers are:

The workshop is sponsored by Gütermann creative, The Original Fabric Comb, and Textile Recyclers Australia

Large Image by Martina Ponzoni, Designed in CLO3D, 2021, Images by Lena Merrin

Nat Stratos

Nat Stratos is a multi-disciplinary design practitioner in the fashion and textile industry interested in how we might create design tools and prototypes for designers and users to create value-led artefacts, knowledge-led practices, and new circular fashion economies towards sustainable fashion and textiles futures. Nat is the founder of start-up Neo3DT , a circular apparel and 3D print jewellery concept with a closed-loop take-back service.

Practicing and consulting for 23 years as a Textile, Fashion, and Costume designer, Nat designs defence issue for the Army, RAN, and RAAF, services a variety of ready to wear fashion retailers and wholesalers, notably adidas, Play Corp, Target, Big W, Anaconda and has worked in social innovation and cultural development for the Local Government as an Art Director and Costume Designer,

Currently, Nat is completing a Master of Design Futures at RMIT researching how we might use circular design, zero-waste, and 3D visualisation through the methodologies of co-design, systems thinking and transition design to mitigate the fashion and textile systems wicked problems in the context of planetary boundaries.

Martina Ponzoni

Martina Ponzoni, Co-Founder of 3DRobe, is an accessories 3D designer and digital fashion specialist with a focus on sustainability and a passion for accessories. Supporting brands in integrating digitalisation both from a technical and creative perspective. Martina offers digital fashion consultation, workflow planning and production management, creative direction, and 3D modeling.

Lena Merrin

Lena Merrin is a 3D pattern maker, designer, and trainer. Lena works as both a traditional and 3D pattern designer, a leader in her field she services and trains a number of fashion retailers and organisations and creates online 3D pattern design training tools for CLO3D. Lena is an advocate of 3D pattern design to reduce sampling waste and create business model efficiencies through visualisation towards circular fashion futures.


Ben Kaminsky

Ben Kaminsky founder of Textile Recyclers Australia has been engaged in the apparel and textile business for some 30 years now. From early beginnings in his family manufacturing facility back in the day when full production of women’s garments was made in Australia, he was educated on the factory floor in every aspect of garment production, from design to final finished product.

The experience accrued knowledge and focus on quality first has led Ben to supply some of the largest companies in Australia and internationally with an apparel solution. In both the fields of fashion and corporate apparel Ben is operating TRA (Textile Recyclers Australia) an innovative national recycler with the mission statement of “Reducing any form of Textile going into Landfill” and services Uniqlo, Up-apparel, Yarra Trams to name a few.

Alison Jose

Alison Jose is a director at Circular Centre and STSC Sustainable Textiles Supply Chain.

Alison’s varied career includes a contemporary fine art curator, Associate Dealer with Sothebys New York, art gallery director, PR and event coordinator. Formerly a PR and marketing consultant for 20+ years Alison worked as a PR consultant for Hill & Knowlton London, on Athens 2004 Olympic Bid, and Duke of Edinburgh International Award with Buckingham Palace.

Alison also worked at mid-size PR agencies specialising in sponsorship and special event coordination including Icewalk: Walk to the North Pole, the Canon Taxi Ride from London to Sydney, and National Trust Heritage Week.

Intermixed with these fields, Alison’s dual career was formerly a fine art curator, gallery director and contemporary art dealer for 22 years in Sydney, Berlin, Los Angeles, and New York. When in the US she was chosen to become an associated Fine Art Dealer with Sothebys in New York plus owned several of her own art galleries in Sydney and SoHo, NYC.

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Tue 30 Mar 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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