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Photo of a person standing beside, and gripping with two hands, a waist-height square-column-shaped sculpture made from plaster, concrete, aerated concrete, concrete sheet, rocks, tiles, oregon, American oak, MDF, ply, various foams, string, wire, canvas, acrylic, Apoxie Sculpt, putty, wax, glue, silicon, rubber with varied surface texture, muted colours and a white-wash effect finish.
Ro Noonan, Cleanse Slate, 2021
Lighting components such as spun aluminium shades and coiled electric cable, laid out in a pattern on concrete in bright sunlight.
Components for Nicole Lawrence's lamp series
Photo Credit - Nicholas Wilkins

Recoquo is latin for remodel, readjust, alter, recast, transfashion, change. Coquo means to cook. Re:coquo invites artists and designers to revisit work, ideas and material which lay discarded or forgotten, and recreate it anew.

The exhibition and resulting new works honour the value of the almost-discarded as well as generate a discourse around regeneration, recasting and rendering the physical and psychic value in what already exists.

re:coquo celebrates being resourceful, creative, optimistic, risk-taking, contemplative, creative and flexible, both on a personal level and as qualities that will create a better future for the planet and its inhabitants.

This exhibition launches with an opening night event on Thursday March 25th from 6-8pm

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Luca Lettieri

Bettina Willner-Browne

Zachary Frankel

Lucas Wearne

Studio AC-S

Nicole Lawrence

Kirsten Perry

Ro Noonan

Luke Ryan

Katarina Wells

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