reFrame: Making Space for Co-design and Architectural Affordances in the Design of Innovative Learning Environments Past Event

Presented by Dion Tuckwell, Fiona Young, Vivienne Awad, Richard Leonard, & Lisa Grocott

This discussion explores teacher agency, pedagogical beliefs and spatial literacy through the frame of co-design and architectural affordances and teacher practice. The architect, designer and school principal from a research project come together to reflect on how design workshops might support teachers through the transition into new innovative learning environments.

What is design’s potential to renew teacher practice in the face of disruptive innovation? This panel is an online discussion following engagement in a design-led study that explores teacher agency, epistemic beliefs and spatial literacy. The research project engaged with the ways co-design workshops might surface architectural affordances to guide teachers practice through the transition into new innovative learning environments.

Following presentations and discussion about the Making Spaces project there will be breakout discussions with the architect, designer and school principal so participants might focus in on the perspective that is of interest to their experiences and practice. Making Spaces is a participatory action research and co-design case study that was a part of the Melbourne University ARC funded Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change project (ILETC).

Dion Tuckwell

Dion Tuckwell, Co-designer, Educator and Researcher, WonderLab in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Monash University.

Fiona Young

Fiona Young, Architect, Researcher and Studio Director, Hayball, Sydney.

Vivienne Awad

Vivienne Awad, School Principal, Domremy College, Sydney.

Richard Leonard

Richard Leonard, Architect and Director, Hayball, Sydney.

Lisa Grocott

Lisa Grocott, Research Lead Future of Work and Learning, Emerging Technologies, Monash University.

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Thu 01 Apr 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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