See and Seaing Past Event

Presented by S!X
Using found cloth and discarded packaging from freight, this garment challenges us to rethink how to use waste.

Sea and Seeing is a collaboration between designers and artists from Australia and Brazil, brought together across the sparkling but despoiled sea. The exhibition invites us to think creatively and poetically about the marine destruction wrought by discarded waste by imagining the plastic bag transformed into an item of luxury. The works in the exhibition seek to convert abject and disposable plastic refuse into something to be desired, possessed and treasured. You are invited to reimagine the delicate textures and garments as billowing sea creatures caught in the currents that unite the sea between us.

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Jenny Bannister


Marni Stuart

Angela Finn

Sean Ryan

Regina Barbosa Ramos (Brasilis Collective)

Felipe Guimarães Fleury de Oliveira:(Brasilis Collective)

Henrique Campos Petarelo dos Santos: (Brasilis Collective)

Linda Jade Sá Freitas: (Brasilis Collective)

Kétcia Rejane Prado Santos (Brasilis Collective)

Emma Blackmore

Denise Sprynskyj & Peter Boyd - S!X

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Thu 01 Apr 3:00 pm
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Fri 02 Apr 3:00 pm
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Sat 03 Apr 3:00 pm
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Sun 04 Apr 3:00 pm
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Mon 05 Apr 3:00 pm - 12:00 am
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