Update 0.1: Understanding Local Implications of a Globalised World Past Event

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With the recent pandemic, our place of work has grown beyond the confines of location. With video calls the new vogue for working, home offices fashioned hastily and our local stores brimming with people, we’ve entered a new dichotomy between local and global — one that creates new tensions between our level of participation online, physically, locally, interstate and internationally.

Exploring this from a local, location-confined community, this program explores both the stories of local icons, their shift towards engaging different markets, and the incoming pool of expats bringing new cultural diversity and methods to our communities. Share a beer as we discuss, design and collaborate on principles for the future, local or not.

Tara Ritchey

Tara is a digital futures business analyst and now a digital project manager for Unsigned Studio at Aurecon, an Engineering design firm in Melbourne, Aus. She is an experienced facilitator, moderator, and natural conversationalist with a keen interest in inclusive design and business innovation. Since 2018 Tara has taken part in open panel discussions with Smart Cities Council ANZ, Academy Xi, Melbourne University, Triple Js Hack and Consult Australia and now for the first time in collaboration with Studio TunTun. 

Nic Sandery

Nic could be the poster boy for wayward chemistry students. The founder of Molly Rose Brewing took his science degree and entered the world of beer, pursuing a graduate diploma in brewing as soon as he finished his undergraduate studies. “It combined my two passions of science, and eating and drinking.” After working at some of Australia’s best-known craft breweries including Little Creatures and Stone & Wood, he went on a world tour covering Japan, the UK and beyond to learn more about brewing practices, then followed it up by working two vintages in wineries back in Australia.

Molly Rose started life as a blog to document these travels, evolved into a beer subscription service and finally opened as a permanent space in 2019 and is now a popular favourite with locals and travellers alike.

Bridgette Engeler

Bridgette is a pracademic working across design, strategic foresight and culture. With 20 years of experience in brand, design and innovation strategy, Bridgette’s work focuses on the potential of design and futures to tackle challenges intersecting people, community and systems. 

Bridgette is keen to see design shape preferred futures, not just the ‘business as usual’ stuff we’re told to expect. More importantly, she’s interested in how our individual agency will help us get to better tomorrow. Through collaborations with all types and sizes of organisation, her work spans strategic and speculative design, experiential and critical futures, and design for transition.

Dan Rule

Co-founder of world renowned Perimeter Books with partner Justine Ellis, Dan has spent years navigating the global world of books from their local store in the heart of Thornbury. Often, their year is extensively on the road, between book fairs and perfecting the art of remote working with printers in Europe and Asia servicing Perimeter Editions.

With a shift away from global travel, they have found the opportunity to reflect and find new avenues of global participation, from a very local place.

Studio TunTun

Update.Design is a research initiative led by Studio TunTun — a loose group of multidisciplinary practitioners crafting beautiful design that is practical.

Created as an inclusive place of understanding, we look to broaden the reach of every business we work with, through traditional services, research led practices and industry leading perspectives. Combining both local and international knowledge, the studio produces designs that last, engage and progress dialogues no matter the language.

Molly Rose Brewing

An independent and local Melbourne brewery based in Collingwood creating beers for all occasions. They champion inclusive communities and host a range of events catering to all in a welcome and open space.

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Molly Rose Brewery
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