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Still from Wander Wonder

Wander Wonder is a virtual, immersive and explorable open-world environment, utilising game engine technology to download and explore. The world plays host to a fantastical and speculative post-anthropocentric world of architecture, landscape, technology, nature and experiences containing spatial and sensorial habitats as didactic and provocative escapes from reality. Wander Wonder challenges binary conditions; natural versus artificial, virtual versus reality, static versus dynamic – saturating these conditions into a nebulous whole to question the future impact of climate change and emerging technologies to our ‘naturaficial’ future landscapes and ecologies. Welcome Wanderer.


SUPERSCALE is a design, make and research studio. We superscale our roles as designers, storytellers, makers, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, diy-ers, gamers and daydreamers to expand our creative reach from architecture to spatial and virtual speculative explorations; from investigative research to playful interventions. Instagram: @superscale


Mimaw seeks to explore wonders in the ordinary in an attempt to spark and immerse in unconventional thinking; by spreading curiousity and creativity through architecture, objects and nature. Instagram: @mimaworkshop

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Sat 03 Apr 12:31 pm
Website and Game Launch
Sun 04 Apr 12:31 pm
Mon 05 Apr 12:31 pm


Virtual exhibition