Waterfront: Sea Urchin Snorkel Tour Past Event

Presented by Centre for Architecture | Open House Melbourne, supported by Academy of Scuba.
Photo underneath blue water surface depicting green and brown seaweed habitat
Underwater reflections
Photo underneath water surface depicting urchin shelf and seaweed habitat
Sea urchin shelf
Photo © Pirjo Haikola
Photo underneath bright blue water surface depicting a white sea urchin, rocks and green seaweed habitat
White sea urchin
Photo © Pirjo Haikola

Join Dr. Pirjo Haikola for a guided snorkel tour and experience the underwater environment of the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. In this immersive event you will learn about the incredible marine environment in Port Phillip Bay and its ecological issues and opportunities.

Exploitation of marine resources are causing imbalances in our ecosystems. Many types of seafood and materials originating from the ocean are unsustainable. Sea urchins thrive in the changing ocean, which has few predators and too many nutrients. They devour the seaweed habitats, leaving behind underwater deserts. There are millions of sea urchins in Victoria alone, turning vast areas of a thriving marine ecosystem into a barren underwater landscape. We are the cause of the problem, but we can also contribute to solutions.

Waterfront is proudly presented by Centre for Architecture Victoria | Open House Melbourne, in partnership with Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and East Gippsland Shire Council. 

Pirjo Haikola

Dr. Pirjo Haikola is a designer, researcher, educator and scuba diving instructor. Her research focuses on regenerative design and conservation technologies for marine ecosystems. As an ‘underwater designer’ Pirjo is passionate about contributing to ocean literacy through public engagement and teaching. Pirjo is currently Industry Fellow Lecturer in Design Innovation and Technology at RMIT University in Melbourne (AU). 


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Ticket Price: $35


Sat 27 Mar 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
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Ricketts Point
Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary, Port Phillip Bay, Beaumaris VIC 3193, Australia