Designing with care requires more empathy in the design process to sense the emotional needs and conditions of others. Designing with empathy requires awareness and sensitivity. Empathy builds trust; it engages stakeholders, and it leads to better outcomes. The design sector demonstrates that it cares by contributing to emergency responses to bushfires and COVID-19 from adapting supply chains and production lines to creating designs geared towards the public good. The events of 2020 have highlighted the need for greater care, from the design of the healthcare system to the broader world of products and services that could shape a more empathetic future.

The Butterfly Movement

CnK Covers
27 Mar
Clarice Garcia and RMIT University
01 Apr
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Verity Campbell Communications
30 Mar


Yan Design Studio
26 - 03 Apr (9 sessions)
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Wild Cities

Wendy Steele, Tess Lea, Hélène Frichot and Ashley Dawson
27 Mar

The Art of Distraction

Bates Smart
26 - 01 Apr (5 sessions)
The Things We Did Next
26 - 05 Apr (9 sessions)
29 - 29 Mar (5 sessions)
Sonya Veronica Iskandar
31 Mar