Contract Design Workshop: Let’s Create a World Where the Law Makes Sense Past Event

Presented by Verity White & Melanie Thomas

The law is confusing.

Lawyers write contracts and legal advice in dense legalese.

Clients who can afford legal advice, often end up paying for something they don’t completely understand.

Lawyers are stressed and unfulfilled.

It’s time the legal industry collaborated and learned from the world of design to create legal advice and contractual documents that help clients instead of bamboozling them!

Be inspired as you explore examples of innovative visual design that is exploding within the legal industry around the world.

Contracts, legal advice, and legal information can be beautiful!

It can be insightful instead of fear-inducing!

We see a world where all contracts are easy to read and easy to take action on.

We see a world where legal advice is structured clearly and logically.

Lawyers need designers + designers need lawyers.

It’s a match made in heaven!

  • Lawyers will get the chance to learn about the emerging field of contract design and legal design

  • Designers will get the chance to understand key contract terms for their client work



Will there be a virtual / online option?

This particular workshop is an in-person, hands-on, real-world, IRL (in real life) experience and we aren’t live streaming this particular event. 

However, do not despair!

There are plans to create a virtual series of contract design events in the near future… just pop your details onto our virtual event waiting list and we will be in touch soon!

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Will there be food…?

Yes… Some delightful light refreshments from the wonderful team at STREAT catering.


Will there be drinks…?

Yes… for those of you who are over 18, there will be beer and wine available to help get your creative juices flowing…



Verity White

Verity White is the founder and Chief Contract Enthusiast at Checklist Legal. Verity is an experienced commercial lawyer with a passion for simplifying legal information and expertise in re-designing contracts for automation, readability, and usability.

Her work simplifying contracts has saved thousands of headaches for businesses and lawyers, and one of her B2B contract design projects was a Finalist in the Legal category of the 2019 Clear Communication Awards

Connect with Verity on LinkedIn and Instagram or visit Checklist Legal for more details on her current projects.

Mel Thomas

Mel Thomas is an experienced corporate lawyer, and legal adventurer. Mel has pioneered the use of automation for in-house teams, facilitated agile sessions for legal and leadership teams and has a unique way of decoding complex legal concepts to her clients and colleagues for the purposes of increased engagement, understanding and collaboration.

Connect with Mel on LinkedIn if you want a friend to talk to for hours about legal innovation.

Luke Thomas

Senior Legal Designer with Portable

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Wed 31 Mar 6:15 pm - 8:30 pm
Drinks and light refreshments available
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66 Cromwell St, 66 Cromwell St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia