Manifest: future interior design provocations Past Event

Presented by Ying-Lan Dann and Phoebe Whitman

Between the inter-war years of 1918 and 1938 European designers published manifestos for the world they wanted after the tumult of the first world war almost annually. Covid-19 precipitated global instability of a magnitude not seen since the great depression, presenting opportunities for emerging interior designers to consider and re-examine the ethics of practicing design and the role of the interior designer in designing of future interior situations and environments.

Manifest: Future Interior Design Provocations is an exhibition of twenty unique posters with image and text contributions by RMIT Bachelor of Interior Design graduates. The posters, website and instagram have been designed by graduates from the program and curated by Interior Design lecturers and designers Ying-Lan Dann and Phoebe Whitman. Posters will be exhibited in twenty locations in Melbourne and Regional Victoria. Each poster will be a text and image-based provocation that manifest how young interior designers respond to Melbourne Design Week theme of ‘Design the world they want’.

Manifest: Future Interior Design Provocations

Madison Chung, Eliza Davey, Catherine Debicki, Angela Ha, Ian Teng Ho, Katherine Holloway, Kurt Jacobson, Jessica Ma, Siobhan McCarthy, Jue Jue Zarli Min, Eliza Neylon, Jessica Pompei, Sam Safe, Ruby Salmon, Bridget Saville, Eliza Solomon, Bonotevon Tak, Molida Tin, Laverne Tiong, Isabella Williams, Peggy Willing, Emily Wong, Yuanlong Tiger Zhang, Enika Zhou

Poster locations
Art Processors, BUS Projects, Brunswick Library, Castlemaine Art Museum, Centre for Contemporary Photography, City Library, Crowd Productions, Design Institute of Australia, Design Office, Gertrude Contemporary, Metropolis Bookshop, Modern Times, Shepparton Art Museum, Siteworks, Stylecraft, Sutton Gallery, Tait, The Capitol

Ying-Lan Dann

Ying-Lan Dann is an Interior Design Lecturer (Industry Fellow) and practice-based PhD candidate in the School of Architecture and Urban Design, RMIT. Her research-led architecture and art practice explores how layered histories and anecdotes can inform durational and movement-led site knowledge. Her teaching uses these approaches to generate shared and embodied discoveries about place. Ying has curated and exhibited work in numerous Melbourne spaces and contributed to architectural practices and projects across a range of scales.

Phoebe Whitman

Phoebe Whitman’s practice attends to temporal and material-led processes which involve observation, intervention, installation, and arrangement to incite encounters with surface. Through experimental processes, she approaches surface in diverse sites and contexts to incite situations for occasion, sensation and encounter. Phoebe is a full-time lecturer in the Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) program. She is presently undertaking a practice-based PhD at RMIT University, in the School of Architecture & Urban Design

Siobhan McCarthy

Siobhan McCarthy graduated from the RMIT Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) in 2020. Siobhan’s Melbourne-based freelance design practice explores entanglements between physical and digital space. It adopts various temporal mediums including film, performance and diagramming to understand and problematize these relations. Siobhan’s work frequently manifests as documentation and is represented through graphic design approaches.

Sam Safe

Samuel Safe is Melbourne-based interior designer who graduated from the RMIT Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) 2020. He is motivated to continually challenge the notion of what interior practice is and therefore how it can be understood differently. This approach is informed both by art and design theories and practice-led discoveries. Sam is a freelance designer and has recently joined Hassell.

Graduates from the Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) RMIT 2020

Angela Ha, Bonotevon Tak, Bridget Saville, Catherine Debicki, Eliza Davey, Eliza Neylon, Eliza Solomon, Emily Wong, Enika Zhou, Ian Teng Ho, Isabella Williams, Jessica Ma, Jessica Pompei, Jue Jue Zarli Min, Katherine Holloway, Kurt Jacobson, Laverne Tiong, Madison Chung, Molida Tin, Peggy Willing, Ruby Salmon, Sam Safe, Siobhan McCarthy, Yuanlong Tiger Zhang

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Tue 16 Mar 10:00 am


This event is hosted by organisations in Melbourne and Regional Victoria, and online. For details visit:


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