The Future of Storytelling & Augmented Reality Past Event

Presented by Museum of Humankind
Photo of astronaut played by Zulya Kamalova
Museum of Humankind

In this showcase and talk, Rachael Thompson, Founder of MOHK, will catalyze a conversation about the narrative potential of augmented reality as well as talk a bit about her debut interactive AR series, The Curator.


Featuring special guests from Melbourne’s AR gamemaking community, this talk will delve into recent works made both locally and abroad, and seek to explore: what AR Storytelling is; what works (and doesn’t) and; where things are heading with this relatively new medium.

Photo: Zulya Kamalova as “The Curator”

Rachael Thompson

Founder, Museum of Humankind

An experienced broadcast filmmaker (15 years) and Digital Producer with a background in Journalism and radio (ABC TV, ABC Radio and at ABC Multiplatform).

Rachael’s passion now lies in immersive storytelling. Her work in her Masters of Animation, Games & Interactivity at RMIT is helping to advance this field.

Rachael is also co-writer and Associate Producer on Love Letters to Our Trees: AR, winner of the State of Play initiative, 2021 (Film Victoria and the Australian International Documentary Conference).

Andy Yong & Emma Ramsay, True Crime Mysteries

Andy Yong has worked as an artist in the games industry and beyond for over 20 years. Together with partner Emma Ramsay they co-founded True Crime Mysteries, a series of augmented reality games based on true historical crimes. Their first game Misadventure In Little Lon won a Victorian Community History Award for Digital Story Telling in 2020. Their second game Eastern Market Murder, based on a true crime from 1899, is launching 1st May as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Samuel Tate, Phoria

XR Director of award-winning Mt Resilience – an interactive webAR experience that reveals a detailed 3D model of a town designed to visualise climate and disaster preparedness (directed by Emma Morris).

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Fri 26 Mar 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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