reFrame: Love About Food Past Event

Presented by Dr Xavier Ho, Dr Yun Tae Nam & Dr Indae Hwang

How does good food, I mean, really good food, make you feel?

There is a universal, sensational experience that turns flavour into laughter, spices into smiles. From the tingling feeling at the tip of the tongue, to the slow-cooked broth that coats the mouth, the joy of food can always be found. During the two weeks leading up to Melbourne Design Week, we invited students and staff on campus to spotlight their most memorable delicious moments. We not only wanted to elevate and celebrate the human emotion through culinary memories, but also to uncover the undiscovered secret eats of Melbourne food experience. The result is a collection of human emotions, foodie photographs, and delicious messages. This project is for you, food lovers.

On the workshop day, we will recount the lessons we learned through the making of this project, and share the Melbourne food photos and messages people submitted.

This event is ticketed (subject to availability) and alternatively Online via Zoom.

Xavier Ho

Xavier is the creator of Roguelike Universe, Smoke and Fire, and other interactive data visualisations. He operates a practicing creative visual consultancy, Jump to Glide, and holds an ongoing lecturer appointment at Monash University in the Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture where he enjoys a range of design research in queer studies, urban diversity, and research through visualisation. Prior to joining the Monash family, Xavier led the Graph Visualisation Engineering team at CSIRO designing visualisations for machine learning on networked data. He served as a major working committee member of Pride@CSIRO, whose work was recognised by the inaugural CSIRO Diversity and Inclusion Medal by raising awareness and making institutional changes for LGBT+ equality at CSIRO. In his personal time, he practices barebow recurve archery with his boyfriend.

Yun Tae Nam

Yun Tae Nam is an UX and interaction designer. He has completed Master Degree of Interaction Design (By Research) in 2011, and recently completed a PhD of Design (Social Interaction Design) degree in 2017 at Monash Universityin the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture. He has the diversity of experiences and skills as the Tutor/ Lecturer/ Unit Coordinator for the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture at Monash University since 2009. Strengthen and develop not only state-of-the-art technology skills but also conceptual thinking within the commercial, advertisement, marketing and public field, while incorporating innovative interactive user experience approach and sustainability in Interaction Design and interactive digital media. His interest lies primarily in User Experience Design dealing with nature – public space, human experience / interaction and new technology for interactive installations and mobile devices. His several works had received awards in the Korea Design Exhibition. in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Indae Hwang

Dr Indae Hwang is a Melbourne-based interactive artist and designer, researcher and lecturer in the Department of Design at Monash University. Hwang’s interest in user experiences and newly emerging digital technologies has been extended on his doctoral research and current interactive artworks. Hwang’s interests of research focus on critical reflections on our relationship with emerging digital technologies through the form of interactive arts. By doing so, he argues the significant role of our critical reflections in embracing the recent emergence of digital technologies into our contemporary techno-society. Hwang teaches User Experience and Interactive Design. His teaching focuses on helping students with utilising newly emerging media technologies in order to design rich user experiences in their design works.

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Free event, bookings essential


Mon 29 Mar 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Please arrive 15 mins before the start
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Salzer Suite, Melbourne Recital Centre
31 Sturt St, 31 Sturt St, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia


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