Spaces speak, are you listening? Past Event

Presented by Hayball

Inspired by Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter’s 2006 seminal publication Spaces Speak: Are You Listening?, Hayball’s installation ensemble consists of a botanical filled meander path leading to an aural chamber, Sound House. Visitors are invited to move around freely, finding their personal ‘sound’ sweet spot, where the sound pieces move and converge by mirroring the patterns of their footfall. The smart floor activates an acoustic and visual experience unique to each visitor. As we adapt to a human experience with less touch, less smell, more virtual—we can and should experience space by listening.

Sound House encourages reflective thought, a mental slow down, to be in the moment; providing an aural architecture experience to stimulate the imagination.


Exhibition concept, design, production and project management.

Dr David Chisholm, Head of School of Music, University of Auckland

Recognised internationally as a composer defined by diverse and hybrid collaboration and a curator and producer of vision and courage, David is also the founding artistic director of the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (BIFEM) and its roster ensemble Argonaut. David holds a PhD from University of Melbourne which explored compositional identity, musical phenomenology and hermeneutics. His current research is concerned with the role of obsession in the acquisition of musical knowledge and the evolution of transhistorical aesthetics.

Dr Fabio Morreale, Manutaki Research and Kairuruku Music Technology, School of Music, University of Auckland

A computer scientist and composer, Dr Morreale hold a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction applied to Music Technology and a MSc in Computer Science. His previous positions include Postdoctoral Research Fellowships at Queen Mary University of London and the University of Trento. Dr Morreale’s current research is aimed at critically assessing the impact of mainstream technologies on music creation and consumption and at creating alternative futures that are more inclusive and participated. In his research, he integrates methodologies and epistemologies from different disciplines, among which Human-Computer Interaction, Social Science, and Philosophy.

Chris Gilbey, CEO and Co-Founder, Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd.

Imagine Intelligent Materials focuses on integrated technology and ‘smart materials’ within accessible architectural and interior design practice. The company develops sensing technology that delivers valuable data from large surface areas in buildings, infrastructure and logistics. Transforming ordinary materials into smart surfaces that generate information including structural health, pressure, leak and fire detection and asset monitoring. The technology reports real-time changes in stress, temperature and moisture; providing analytics that can manage risk, provide safety and effectively monitor COVID-safe environments.


Geelong based manufacturer and engineering, production and manufacturing partner for Imagine Manufacture and digital technology engineering.

Argonaut Events

Production management, Acoustic design, and installation, supported by Creative Victoria.

Prof. Mark Jacques, Founder OpenWork





Acoustic Fabric



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Duration of each session: 10 mins, 2 x people at a time. Limited spots available.


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Thu 01 Apr 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Due to high demand, the installation will be extended until 1 May, 2021. Please check for further details.
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Hayball Melbourne Studio
Hayball, Level1/250 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


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