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Greenhouse by Joost Bakker

“The way we grow, harvest, transport, sell and eat our food is the most destructive human activity on the planet”- Joost Bakker

Imagine solving the world’s biggest problem’s by simply changing the way we live. futurefoodsystem is attempting just that.

Joost Bakker’s long-awaited structure is now complete and you can see it for yourself smack bang in the middle of Fed Square’s River Terrace, complete with aquaponics, solar power, micro-farms, a charcoal tank and rooftop garden.

This holiday season futurefoodsystem has become home to celeb foodies Matt Stone and Jo Barrett as they move, for a few months’ stint, into this 100% sustainable modern urban farm, featuring vertical veggie gardens and mushroom walls, and other living inhabitants such as fish, crickets and worms.

Intrigued? Well, there are a few ways that you can get up close and personal with futurefoodsystem:

For those more into virtual experiences (or in case you miss out!), we’ve gone behind-the-scenes with Joost Bakker, Jo Barrett and Matt Stone and asked them to explain their creative process, what they’re hoping to achieve and how the greenhouse works.

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River Terrace, Federation Square, Melbourne