Presented by Volker Haug Studio

With an interest in featuring the side projects of established multi-disciplinary professionals, After Hours featured furniture produced by interior designers; functional objects created by visual artists; and installations designed by architects.

Exhibitors showcased their accomplished yet little known sideline practices, with out-of-hours works from the likes of ACV StudioRitz & GhougassianOliver du Puy; Michael White of Freadman White with Johan Hermijanto of Bates Smart; Wes Waddell of Studio HiHoBrahman PereraMarsha Golemac; and Volker Haug Studio on display, capturing the approachable and personable spirit of interdisciplinary design in Melbourne.


Anna Varendorff

Brahman Perera

Freadman White and Johan Hermijanto (Bates Smart)

Marsha Golemac

Oliver Du Puy

Ritz & Goughassian

Volker Haug Studio

Wes Waddell