Presented by Broached Commissions and Elton Group

Twelve new limited and open edition applied-arts objects by Broached Commissions continue a line of enquiry that attempts to convey the design industry’s wilful contribution to a world that is full of products and yet denuded of life.

The debut exhibition of Broached Recall in Australia harnesses the precious historical veneer archive of Elton Group, dating back to the 1930’s. The precisely articulated objects for the home are the result of a two year development process that saw Broached create three dimensional objects from a suite of pattern languages created by John Warwicker. John’s work traced the history of modernism to its origins in the mid 19th C.

Elton Group’s heritage spans almost a century of hands-on expertise in timber. A multi-generational family business, Elton Group are the only Australian supplier of reconstructed timber veneers with direct control of the entire supply and production chain, from the log to the finished product.

For this exhibition, Broached Commissions and Elton Group turned through the expansive veneer archives to select eight heritage timber species which have been paired with Elton Group’s colourful contemporary reconstructed veneer range. By matching new and historical veneers, each Recall object is a unique dialogue between the past and present global management of the timber industry.

As part of this exhibition, Broached Commissions also presented a short film by Paul Barbera, which explored the fabrication of the works, abstracted by the theme of the ever-accelerating grid of modernity and its ability to absorb everything within its ubiquitous form.


Lou Weis, Creative Direction

Laura Clauscen, Design Direction

John Warwicker, Pattern Language

Joseph Gauci-Seddon, Design

Elton Group, Material Sponsor

Emily Denton, Axolotl, Fabrication, Woodcraft Mobiliar

Paul Barbera, Film