Presented by E Tū x Ulla

How can open-source philosophies accelerate a shift towards a circular economy in the design industry? This is the provocation of By-Product 2021, an exhibition where leading Australian designers created new work from waste identified from their practice accompanied by documentation of this process.

The exhibition at Mycelium Studios was supported by a digital showcase that shares videos and downloadable resources to encourage others to make from waste.

The exhibition kicked off with a launch party, which included a live performance by acclaimed Australian composer Luke Howard and a live auction of work from the exhibition.


Alicia Aulsebrook

Georgie Brunmayr

Rosanna Ceravolo

Adam Cornish

Olivia Davies

Marta Figueiredo

Patrick Hayes

Ema Hewitt

Luke Howard

Andrew Hustwaite

Rachel Kelly

Nicole Lawrence

Micka Lesinskis

Edward Linacare

Adam Markowitz

Megan Stewart

Andy Summons

Kristen Wang

Ulla-Britta Westergren

Matt Worthington