Presented by JamFactory

Crafts, Crossovers and Collaborations highlighted the rich variety of creative intersections made possible through the unique networks, connections and co-located facilities of JamFactory in Adelaide. Attracting emerging designers and makers from across the country and around the world to undertake its acclaimed career development program, JamFactory produces alumni who typically succeed as creative entrepreneurs in the fields of ceramics, glass, furniture and jewellery. Curated by Caitlin Eyre and Brian Parkes, this exhibition of skillfully crafted works by eleven artists, designers and collaborators currently associated with JamFactory celebrated materiality and process, exploring stories of human connection and collective enterprise behind their creation.


Kristel Britcher

Andrew Carvolth

Selinda Davidson With Ninuku Arts and JamFactory

Gretal Ferguson

Liam Fleming

Jordan Gower

Jordan Leeflang

Luca Lettieri

Xanthe Murphy

Ivana Taylor

Dean Toepfer