Joost Bakker Keynote: Design the World You Want

Presented by Fed Square

A keynote talk by Joost Bakker followed by a discussion with Matt Stone and Joost Bakker, moderated by Ewan McEoin

Fed Square in partnership with Melbourne Design Week, invite you to a unique event with Joost Bakker and Matt Stone. The in-conversation (moderated by Ewan McEoin) will cover topics that will help you to “Design the world you want”.

Imagine a building that grows food. Now imagine millions of buildings that grow food. futurefoodsystem – Joost Bakker’s living eco-experiment at Fed Square – shows that our urban environment can be fertile ground. Technology can be adopted that allows for closed loop systems to exist: what society today calls ‘waste’ becomes a valuable resource, like energy and nutrients, that nourishes urban crops, insects, diverse aquaponics systems – then ultimately us.

By celebrating foods that can be grown in this system and adopting this idea on a large scale we can radically change our destructive food systems – encouraging and supporting regenerative agriculture, agro-forestry, rewilding and protecting our remaining wilderness.


Joost Bakker, Designer, Greehouse by Joost and futurefoodsystem

Matt Stone, Chef, Greehouse by Joost and futurefoodsystem

Ewan McEoin, The Hugh Williamson Senior Curator of Contemporary Design and Architecture, National Gallery of Victoria