The Future of Food

Presented by Melbourne Design Week

Why Design is Divining Beneath the Waves for Answers

Beneath the waves lies a material that is prolific to the future of design: you can wear it, mould it, eat it, even eat offit. It may even contribute to solving a startling number of complex societal challenges: global warming, the world food crisis and landfill. The mysterious material? Seaweed.

When asked to address the Melbourne Design Week theme ‘design the world you want’, several designers responded with concepts that looked to the ocean floor for inspiration. From algae-glazed ceramics to seaweed fine dining, kelp farms to sea-urchin pickles, marine bioproducts are stepping into the spotlight as a sustainable resource with infinite possibilities.


Seaweed Appreciation Dinner
Presented by Centre for Architecture | Open House Melbourne

The Seaweed Appreciation Dinner included a presentation by researcher Zoe Brittain on how Indigenous Australians have used seaweed over a 65,000-year period, as well as a discussion about sustainable marine permaculture, food security and regeneration of marine habitat. Dishes were matched with drinks including wine, a kelp cocktail and locally brewed seaweed beer.

A Sea At The Table
Presented by Other Matter x Fluff Corp.

A Sea at the Table showcased a series of bespoke vessels created by Other Matter and made from algal polymer and a range of organic pigments including a selection of microalgaes encompassing of range of colours, transparencies and capacities. Other Matter and Fluff Corp. also collaborated to make a number objects comprising of ceramic ‘body’ and algae ‘glaze’. All pieces are organic, compostable at home and able to be remade in a generative closed-loop system.

Breaking Down The Urchin
Presented by Centre for Architecture | Open House Melbourne, Long Prawn, Furrmien, Pirjo Haikola and Pacific Sea Urchin

Breaking Down The Urchin invited guests to a participatory, informative and ‘hands-on’ river float aboard The Yarra Countess. Artist Pirjo Haikola spoke about her work and research on sea urchins. Guests then learnt how to process and preserve sea urchin as garum (fish sauce) under the creative guidance of food researchers Long Prawn and fermentation experts Furrmien. Sea urchins were kindly provided by Pacific Sea Urchin.