A design community is one that creates together: sharing resources, collaborating across disciplines, disseminating knowledge and embracing new cultures across geographies and generations. As much as the community is bound by the objects, materials and techniques it uses, designers also form communities through social, cultural and economic values. From gaming to craft, from communications to landscape architecture, design brings us all together. What are connections we need to be making and conversations we need to be having right now?

Local Colour

Scanlan & Makers
31 Mar
Professor Barbara Glowczewski, Uncle Leonard Clarke, Dr Christine Phillips, Dr Hannah Robertson, A/Professor Rochus Urban Hinkel and Dr Peter Raisbeck
29 Mar
Modern Times
26 - 01 Apr (7 sessions)
Booked Out Free
Studio Flek + Other Matter + Grounded Practice
26 - 31 Mar (6 sessions)


Maia Kjendle
26 - 27 Mar (2 sessions)
Melbourne Fashion Hub
27 - 28 Mar (2 sessions)

Reading Aloud

Melbourne Art Library
27 - 28 Mar (4 sessions)

LIVEability POP-UP

Mary Featherston AM & Suzie Attiwill
27 Mar
Marsha Golemac
26 - 28 Mar (3 sessions)