Triennial conversations: Get Real Estate

Presented by NGV

Jill Garner, Amy Muir and Michael Bleby in conversation with Ewan McEoin

Can a homogenous white box foster a sense of home, community and belonging?

Stimulated by the major new commission by Swiss-based speculative architecture practice BTVV, Walls 4 sale: near new and supersized, hear about the various forces shaping low quality, speculative property developments and Australian architecture. BTVV’s Triennial scheme is an architectural collage of the ‘worst practices’ of real estate development and manipulative sales photography.

Starting with a video provocation from BTVV, this satirical work of architecture is a stepping off point for leading commentators from the architecture and property sector to discuss ubiquitous, low-quality property development and how it is shaping Australian cities for the worse.

This program was part of Triennial Conversations, which took place on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 December to mark the opening of NGV Triennial 2020.