Triennial conversations: Resonant Nature

Presented by NGV

Refik Anadol and Dr Tessa Laird in conversation with Simone LeAmon

Technology is part of our lives more than ever, but we are also hardwired to the natural environment. What does this relationship look like as we accelerate towards a future where advanced technology has the potential to change everything? How will technology and nature coexist – and how might our worlds change?

At the frontier of art and technology, Refik Anandol’s Quantum memories plunges us deep into the world of big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum – to show us nature – but not as we know it. Using two hundred million nature-related images, Anadol’s immersive real-time video, offers us a new, radical view of nature. Encouraging us to rethink our relationship to the natural world when the neural network of computerised mind is enabled.

This program was part of Triennial Conversations, which took place on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 December to mark the opening of NGV Triennial 2020.